Strengthen Your Finance Operations

Put in place the systems, structures, and processes needed to achieve and sustain high-performance.

Finance functions are evolving to deliver greater value

But many are being held back by manual and time-consuming processes; rigid, ineffective, and counterproductive operating structures; overwhelmed and disengaged finance team.

To meet the increased demands and scrutiny from stakeholders, Finance needs to put in place effective organizational structures to increase its productivity and performance without burning out.

We Help You

Strengthen Your FinOps

H.D. Impact Consulting partners with you to design and implement effective systems, structures, and processes to support less stressful and more productive work environments.  

We help you remove inefficiencies, streamline processes, and adopt an effective operating model so your team can stay focused on the activities that matter the most.

With our people-centric approach, we fully engage your people doing the work throughout the process to ensure impactful and sustainable results.

Areas We Can Help

Streamline Processes

Eliminate non-value add activities, simplify, standardize, and automate processes.

Optimize the Financial Close

Reduce the stress, countless hours, and effort spent on closing the books.

Improve Financial Reporting

Increase the accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency of your financial reporting.

Enhance Controls

Instill and maintain a strong governance process with solid controls, policies, and workflows.

Align Finance Strategy

Redesign your finance operating structure to align with your organization’s current and future needs.

Ready to transform your finance function?


Hadi is a goal-focused leader who quickly identifies opportunities for improvement and motivates teams to achieve desired outcomes. She excels at streamlining processes and fostering collaboration, resulting in enhanced efficiency and goal attainment.

Beyond her outstanding leadership, Hadi goes above and beyond to support the business and other teams achieve their goals. She proactively addresses challenges, drives results, and inspires high-performance in others.

Essam Elemam, Associate Vice President, CIBC

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Develop a FinOps Roadmap

We’ll co-create an action plan to improve your performance and build and develop leadership teams that can deliver impactful results.

Achieve Higher-Performance

We’ll help you achieve and sustain higher performance by creating less stressful and more productive work environments.

Achieve & Sustain High-Performance

We’ll provide the strategic guidance and solutions your finance function needs to realize its full potential.