Elevate Your Performance

We help you  achieve and sustain high-performance.

The Truth Is…

Inefficient processes and operating models, and not having the right people focused on the right activities are holding you back from realizing your full potential. At H.D. Impact Consulting, we can help.

We’ll Help You

Achieve & Sustain High-Performance

As the founder of H.D. Impact Consulting, Hadi Diallo employs a people-centric approach to help finance leaders create less stressful, more engaged, and productive work environments.

Hadi’s priority is to guide her clients to increase the quality and impact of their leadership, better engage their teams, and put in place the organizational structures needed to achieve and sustain high-performance.

She combines an in-depth and comprehensive process with coaching tools, strategies, and highly accredited assessments to help finance leaders and their teams deliver impactful and sustainable results.


“I had the pleasure of working with Hadi for several years at CIBC. During that time, I was impressed by her empathetic leadership. She distills complex problems down to their core issues, and then works together to solve them.

Hadi is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure the team is successful. Her contributions helped us grow as individuals and as a team in many ways.”

-Arsalan Rashid, Senior Manager, TD

3 Ways to Work Together

Executive Coaching

We help leaders increase performance and accelerate growth for themselves, their teams, and organization.

Structures & Process Design

We help you design and implement effective systems, structures, and processes to support sustainable high-performance.

High Performance Leadership Development

We empower your managers to unlock their full leadership potential and increase performance.

Our Values

What You Can Expect Throughout Our Engagement

We Act with Integrity

We infuse every action and interaction with honesty, fairness, and respect and always do right by our clients.

We Champion Diversity

We embrace, support, and value the inclusion of diverse backgrounds and experiences to make better decisions, enhance performance, and drive innovation for our clients.

We Win Together

We strive to effect positive change and create a lasting impact for our clients and communities. We base our success on our clients’ ability to achieve these impactful and sustainable results.

Client Success

“The guidance and support Hadi offers is truly transformative. Prior to start working with Hadi, I was struggling with time management, work life balance, and stuck in a career path that wasn’t my true calling. Hadi helped me become better at managing my time, increase my productivity, and most importantly get back on track to pursue the career path I truly want. I appreciate how approachable, attentive, and supportive she is no matter the circumstances. Working with Hadi will elevate your life, keep you focused on achieving your career goals, and be the best version of yourself.”

-Diana Wassef, Founder Cremona Studios

Meet Our Founder

Hadi Diallo

Hadi Diallo is an executive coach and advisor. She has a proven track record of helping finance functions at established organizations such as BMO Financial Group, Scotiabank, and CIBC increase optimize performance.

Her corporate career spans over 15 years, where she led major change initiatives, developed high-performing teams, improved operational efficiency, increased employee engagement and retention, and fostered open, positive, and inclusive work environments.

She is known for her empathetic leadership, her ability to uncover and address the root cause of complex challenges, and her dedication to engage, empower, and inspire high-performance and drive organizational success.

In support of her personal mission to increase diversity at the leadership table, Hadi mentors black professionals to successfully navigate and advance their careers. She also runs different leadership and professional development programs to help BIPOC professionals accelerate their career growth.

Hadi is also a strong believer in giving back to effect positive change and create lasting impact in her communities. She has been a volunteer for a range of non-profit organizations such as The 482 Collective, Empower’em, Women in Capital Markets, Meals on Wheels.