The High-Performance Coaching Academy

Develop leaders who have impact and can grow your organization.

Most high-potentials are not realizing their full potential. To avoid losing them to competitors, leaders must invest in engaging and developing talented leaders.

We Help You

Develop Impactful Leaders

The high-performance coaching academy is a proven curriculum that achieves measurable results for your organization while developing leaders.

Participants meet monthly over six or twelve months. Each meeting focuses on one key leadership topic, and participants are accountable for applying that topic to their jobs and getting results.

The practical focus of the program helps participants develop skills that lead to better teamwork, improved employee engagement, and higher performance.

Benefits to Your Organization

Develop a strong pipeline of leaders

The program develops leaders who take on more responsibilities, step up, and help grow your organization.

Improve Employee Engagement

Participants learn to better engage employees and inspire optimal performance that drives success.

Build a winning culture

Participants learn to communicate with impact, build teams, and collaborate leading to better teamwork and higher performance.

Client Success

“I had the pleasure of working with Hadi for several years at CIBC. During that time, I was impressed by her empathetic leadership. She distills complex problems down to their core issues, and then works together to solve them.

Hadi is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure the team is successful. Her contributions helped us grow as individuals and as a team in many ways.”

Arsalan Rashid, Senior Manager, TD

A Comprehensive Program To

Position Your Organization for Impactful Growth



We work with the Executive Leadership to tailor the leadership development program to your goals and needs.



We conduct a range of personality and leadership assessments to gain insights into the participants’ thinking, communication styles, and behavioral traits to help identify key growth.



We meet monthly for four hours for leadership development training, group coaching, and accountability. We also provide 1:1 Executive coaching sessions.



We track progress and results throughout the program and deliver comprehensive reports to managers and the Executive Leadership.

What You Can Expect

Customized Support

Robust, dynamic, and engaging leadership program tailored to your organization’s situation and needs.

Powerful Approach

Combines best practices of training, facilitation, peer support, coaching, and accountability proven to enable results.

Measurable Results

Results are baked in throughout the program to show significant and measurable improvements in performance.

Client Success

“My entire coaching session with Hadi was very thought provoking and engaging and flowed as a conversation would with a friend or mentor who has known me personally for many years. Prior to our coaching, I hadn’t found clarity on what I was missing in my business. I had my best year last year, but somehow ended up feeling unfulfilled. Hadi was able to help me uncover what I was unable to see on my own. I felt extremely supported, I felt like Hadi not only heard what I said but she understood many things I was unable to put into words.”

Nika Tierra Etheridge, Realty ONE Group

Getting Started is Simple

Schedule a Consultation

Tell us about your goals, priorities, and needs. We’ll determine the best next steps to maximize your leadership teams’ potential.

Develop Impactful Leaders

We’ll co-create an action plan to enhance your organizational leadership and improve business performance and results.

Reach Peak Performance

Achieve breakthrough performance, success, and growth with winning leadership teams and a highly engaged workforce.

Transform High-Potential Into Powerful Leaders

Empower your leaders to unlock your organization’s full potential.